Zori        (Born March 29, 2011)
Zori was named after Zoro... the character that wears the black mask.  I think she probably should have
been named after a linebacker.   She is packed with energy and loves to tackle!   It's "GAME ON" at all times
with Zori!  Babes loves it.  She will play dead just to get Zori to attack her.   She provides constant
entertainment for the whole family.  : )   She is the daughter of Farrah.  She is our oldest son's puppy.  
Our Herd
Babes       (Born March 16, 2010)
She is the daughter of Beefy and Farrah (parents are in the top right picture).  This is our "professional
photographer's" very own bulldog  (he's the one in glasses below).  So, needless to say, this bully receives
a ridiculous amount of attention.  She loves to eat (obviously), play with hats and she loves water.  Every
time we take her out, she runs straight to the creek.  She loves to be pet.  She comes over to us and
crouches down letting you know she wants a little attention.  We anticipate that she will have her first litter
at the end of 2011.
Thanks for taking time to get to know our family.  We love our bullies!  
For every little thing we do for them, they pay us back 100 times over
with so many precious, funny and entertaining moments that will make
our worst days seem not so bad.
& Susan
Pearl      (Born June 15, 2010)
Pearl is almost solid white and has a wide stance.  She is very shy.  She is curious of others, but only from a
distance if she doesn't know you.  She is also very calm and prefers all paws on the ground.   She prefers to
watch the other bullies play and just lay back and take it all in.  Every time we pull out the camera, she heads
to the woods as you may notice in a couple of the pictures.  (BIG SMILE)
Below:  8 Weeks Old
Nevaeh      (Born December 12, 2010)
Nevaeh is heaven spelled backwards.  Little did we know how fitting this name is for her.  She is an angel.  She is
extremely loving and friendly.  She loves to have her tummy rubbed.  Every time we walk towards her, she rolls over
and waits for the good belly rub!  Ha ha  Below is a typical picture of her getting her mandatory belly rub.   : )  She
plays very well with the other bullies, except that she wants to keep playing after everyone else has pooped out.  
She has a beautiful reverse brindle coat and big paws.
Brownie     (Born July 15, 2013)
This is our cute little butter ball!  She is so funny.  Her little ears always flop over when she is excited and playing.  
She's all puppy right now.  It will be a long time before she is ready to breed.  She is very low to the ground and has
big paws for her little age.  We think she will have amazing puppies down the road.  In the meantime, its all fun and
games!  She provides us with hours of entertainment!  Ha Ha